Screen Installation Work

Determinant, 3:45.

Chelsea Lowry & Stephanie Garner

The preservation of our ecosystem is essential to both the longevity of our planet and species.  Our current climate is undergoing such enormous change that it has led to the discussion of a new geological age, the Anthropocene.  Our presence on the planet has interfered to such an extent that we are now considered a geological determinant.  The Anthropocene acknowledges our interference, whether intentional or not, and puts into perspective the irreversible effects we are having on our environment.  Determinant materialises the effect of the Anthropocene directly to the audience, rather than being a relayed statistic or report, it visualises the issue in our own lives.  The moment the space is entered, the work is altered and time slips away.  It offers the audience the opportunity to experience how their interference can have a direct influence on their own future.

Can you make your influence count?